Writing Webinars to Come!

Maybe it's because I'm a teacher by blood (love you, Mom!) and by profession (first-year writing, and soon, theater [!!!], at CUNY LaGuardia Community College), but I want to be the kind of author that boosts others' work; that is community-oriented; that spotlights young adult talent and skill; that creates spaces for young people whose voices are too often shut down; that collaborates rather than competes; that teaches and learns with other readers and creators on the daily. 

I don't need to be "famous." I need to help build community and affirmation and confidence in readers, in writers, in creators. In you.

With that in mind, I'm going to be featuring fan art and fan fiction on this site, and I'm going to blog writing tips every week; but I'm also going to be hosting writing webinars for you all to take!

Some will be one-off classes -- 90-minute sessions on busting through writers' block, character development, dialogue writing, etc. -- and some will be longer, 6-week classes that delve deeper into novel writing, into world-building, into plot movement, etc. 

The one-off webinar sessions will be $20 each; the 6-week webinar classes will be $250 each. There will be scholarships available for both, don't worry.

More details to come -- sign up here to be the first to learn when webinars are available! -- and in the meantime, feel free to dive into the comments with suggestions for webinar sessions and/or classes you'd like to take with me!