lunav gets Sorted

Sadie and Friends at Hogwarts

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is sort characters from completely random shows and books into Hogwarts Houses. 

(This is particularly amusing for shows like Grey's Anatomy with rich ensemble casts, or shows like Supergirl and The Flash, where universes collide on the daily.)

So, I figured: why not do it with my own characters? 

So, without further ado:

Sadie -- total Gryffindor. She's just the right amount of hard-headed (I see you, Harry) and the most charming amount of courageous defender of people she loves. And even people she doesn't.

Evelyn -- one of those rare but truly powerful Slytherin/Hufflepuff cuspies. She has a lot of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw potential in her, too (if this were a dystopian Chicago post instead of a Hogwarts post, she'd for sure be Divergent). But, her ability to keep herself going behind enemy lines? Her soft spot for children? Slytherin/Puff cuspy. All the way.

Lerian -- complete and utter Gryff. She and Sadie could (and for sure do) have contests about who's more strong-willed (much to the chagrin of Sadie's mothers), and let's face it, Lerian doesn't blink in the face of danger. 

Jorbam -- a Ravenclaw with a lot of Hufflepuff tendencies. Kind-hearted and good-humored, and so, so sharp; her emotional intelligence is off the charts. She would probably chalk it up to living so long; I, her humble creator, chalk it up to solid brilliance.

Zaylam -- the Hufflepuff who tries so hard to make sure her friends from multiple Houses get along. Her sharp humor helps with that; somehow Zaylam knows how to make someone laugh at themselves without feeling attacked, and that humility she brings can go a long way in forming bonds across divisions.

Want to know more characters' Houses as you read about them? Dive into the comments!

Disagree with me about their Houses with what you know about them so far? I love me a good Hogwarts House debate! Swim amongst the comments and air your grievances!