Welcome to Lunav! Meet Sadie and her friends!

"See? Girls can't resist me." Sadie, by the wonderfully talented solaert over on tumblr (linked here: http://solaert.tumblr.com/post/162953440100/see-girls-cant-resist-me-one-of-my). Shows Sadie, in a yellow shirt and green trousers, casually hovering with nighttime blue, milky-way like wings, holding her faye-glass axe (double-sided, purple-tinged with sparkles in the blade) loosely in one hand, holding up a human peace sign with the other. She's grinning broadly with her hair, shaved on one side, is swept in a delightfully messy, orange wave that falls onto her forehead.

If you're reading this, you probably already know that Lunav is the name of my debut novel, set to be published by NineStar Press in March 2018.

What you might not know is what, indeed, Lunav is; who lives there; and why their stories are important.

Lunav is a land, geographically and politically divided into five major regions; the Grove, the Samp, the Flowing, Izla, and the Highlands. More on those in another post.

For now: who's our tour guide through it all? 

Well, a spy, of course.

That's where Sadie comes in. 

My wonderful fiancée once said that when she gets older, Sadie's going to be charming and suave as all get out; but right now, she's such a helplessly awkward little lesbian.

So true. So true.

Except I guarantee that Sadie would argue that she has a great deal of game, at the current moment.

Her friends would laugh hysterically at that assertion.

Lerian -- her centaur best friend, with red hair and auburn skin with reddish fur -- would laugh so hard she'd snort while choking out some sort of snide remark about Sadie's newly born sibling Aon having more game than she does.

Zaylam -- Sadie's hatchling dragon, with magenta, hickory-bark patterned wings, a furry mauve underbelly, and huge crystalline eyes -- would roll through the air in such a fluidly chaotic pattern that she'd annoy all the older dragons. She wouldn't care, though (she'd probably laugh even harder at their indignation), because she'd be singing for sunups to come about how Sadie thinks she's smoother than the Flowing's silt beaches.

Only Jorbam and Osley would have some mercy on poor, bewildered, spluttering lesbian Sadie.

Jorbam -- Sadie's hatchling tree, roots all coiled together, rope-like, to form her trunk until they cascade out into a mushroom-style canopy littered with spiney leaves -- would rumble her amusement for all to feel, but she'd relent and let Sadie taste her sap to reassure her hatchling faerie that her friends are only teasing, that she's quite a charming young faerie and will only grow more so with age.

Osley -- her closest rabbit friend, genderqueer and grey and white and jittery all over, frequently flattening querself to the ground when que gets startled, which is often  -- would thump out a soft defense of Sadie, reminding Zaylam and Lerian that those girls at the human Inn were always all over Sadie, weren't they?

At which point, Sadie -- very close-cropped curly hair; open-throated tunic, with a translucent faye-glass axe in the belt of her loose pants; generally smooth, deep brown skin ashy at her elbows, knees, and ankles; grand, midnight-colored, star-speckled wings helping her hover smugly -- would cross her (well-muscled) arms over her chest with a massive, satisfied grin, nodding with finality.

"See? Girls can't resist me," she'd tell her chortling friends.

And she'd promptly do something like trip over her own wings.