Excited about lesbian faeries and trans Peter Pan? Come join me! 

Okay, so you're stoked about LUNAV and LOST BOY, FOUND BOY. Awesome! (So am I. In fact, "stoked" doesn't begin to cover it on my end.) 

Now what? Well, if you've got a two minutes and a social media account, come on and join my Launch Team!

I need help getting the word about LUNAV and LOST BOY, FOUND BOY out there; they're dropping in less than four months, and I'll be traveling across the country on a book tour soon. I want to meet as many of you as possible, but to do that, I need to get out the word to as many of yall as possible!

So... Launch Team!

Joining is simple, and the rewards (more on that below) are bigger than the time you'll spend: Send out a tweet; post on instagram; post on tumblr; follow me on goodreads.

For tweets: Tell your people what you're excited about for #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY. Use those hashtags, and tag me @jpolishwrites!

An example tweet?

Can't wait for #LUNAV by @jpolishwrites -- who doesn't want to read about lesbian faeries, genderqueer rabbits, and singing dragons? #amreading #wndb

For instagram: What picture (of yourself, of someone or something else -- points if you get the Arrow reference there!) describes how you're feeling about #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY? Use those hashtags, and tag me, also @jpolishwrites!

An example insta caption?

Super excited for the queer sci-fi retelling of #PeterPan -- #LOSTBOY by @jpolishwrites! #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #yafantasy

For tumblr: Freestyle! What do you want to tell folks about #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY? How do you wanna tell 'em? A vid? A pic? A series of reaction gifs? A story of your own? However you do it, use those hashtags and tag me @jpolish-writes-queer-ya-fantasy!

An example tumble?

Okay so LUNAV by @jpolish-writes-queer-ya-fantasy is coming out (pun!!!) in March, and I want it to be here already because lesbian faeries for the win. And the week before we get lesbian faeries and dragons galore, we get a novella called LOSTBOY with Neverland as a holomatrix, Hook as a bisexual cyborg, and Tinker Bell as an asexual lesbian computer interface? Whaaaat??? March 2018 is going to rock. #lunav #lostboy #fic rec #ya fantasy #lesbian reads

For goodreads: Follow my author profile and add LUNAV and LOST BOY, FOUND BOY to your want-to-read list!

Okay, sure, I'll help you out, you say. I like queer YA fantasy as much as the next person, you say. But... what's in it for me? Do I at least get a jacket?

If you know me from tumblr, you know I've been wanting us all to get jackets -- or at least t-shirts -- for the longest time ;) But alas.

I haven't got the capacity to do the t-shirts thing (yet!), but each time you tag me in a tweet, instagram post, or tumble (using the book hashtags), I will make a thank you repost just for you!

If you commit to being a Launch Team Pro, posting at least 5 times at regular intervals in the next five months or so -- and follow through with it -- I will ask what you want me to create for you: a short minific written just for you, or a writing advice blog post catered for your specific writing needs.

So, to sum it up: join the Launch Team, I will repost your stuff and be eternally grateful (lots of gifs will be involved).

Join the Launch Team Pro, and I will write you stuff. And one day, maybe we'll even get jackets.

So, tweet, tumble, insta, and read well (see what I did with Goodreads there?) away! If you want to join Launch Team Pro, also do me a favor and use the contact form below to let me know: that way, I can keep track of what I should write for you!

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