Excited about lesbian faeries and trans Peter Pan? Come join me! 

Okay, so you're stoked about LUNAV and LOST BOY, FOUND BOY. Awesome! (So am I. In fact, "stoked" doesn't begin to cover it on my end.) 

Now what? Well, if you've got a two minutes and a social media account, come on and join my Launch Team! By joining (through the form below), you'll gain exclusive access to information about my book covers, when they're available for pre-order, and more!

I need help getting the word about LUNAV and LOST BOY, FOUND BOY out there; they're dropping in less than three months!!!

So... Launch Team!

Joining is simple, and my undying gratitude will be forever yours. Send out a tweet; post on instagram; post on tumblr; follow me and add my books on goodreads; like my author page on facebook; and fill out the form below to gain access to advance access to new and exciting book info!

For tweets: Tell your people what you're excited about for #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY. Use those hashtags, and tag me @jpolishwrites!

An example tweet?

Can't wait for #LUNAV by @jpolishwrites -- who doesn't want to read about lesbian faeries, genderqueer rabbits, and singing dragons? #amreading #wndb

For instagram: What picture (of yourself, of someone or something else -- points if you get the Arrow reference there!) describes how you're feeling about #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY? Use those hashtags, and tag me, also @jpolishwrites!

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Super excited for the queer sci-fi retelling of #PeterPan -- #LOSTBOY by @jpolishwrites! #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #yafantasy

For tumblr: Freestyle! What do you want to tell folks about #LUNAV and/or #LOSTBOY? How do you wanna tell 'em? A vid? A pic? A series of reaction gifs? A story of your own? However you do it, use those hashtags and tag me @jpolish-writes-queer-ya-fantasy!

An example tumble?

Okay so LUNAV by @jpolish-writes-queer-ya-fantasy is coming out (pun!!!) in March, and I want it to be here already because lesbian faeries for the win. And the week before we get lesbian faeries and dragons galore, we get a novella called LOST BOY, FOUND BOY with Neverland as a holomatrix, Hook as a bisexual cyborg, and Tinker Bell as an asexual lesbian computer interface? Whaaaat??? March 2018 is going to rock. #lunav #lostboy #fic rec #ya fantasy #lesbian reads

For facebook: Link sharing extravaganza! Pick one of my blog posts or youtube videos to share with your buds; share out my pre-order links when they're ready (and oh, trust me: I'll let you know when they're ready); and help me make sure people know about my Indiegogo campaign to fund my book tour!

An example facebook update?

Ever tried writing while you're depressed? You're definitely not alone. Some tips for you are right here, courtesy of YA fantasy author Jenn Polishhttps://jpolish.com/blog/2017/9/22/writing-with-depression-getting-it-down-when-youre-down 

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