Into Lunav's Characters: First Look!

The talented, ever-skillful teenage artist who designed my superhero costume featured on this site's About page is back and is bringing Lunav's characters to life!

LM is an absolutely incredible artist, and I am humbled to have them breath so much life and vitality into my characters. I will let their amazing work speak for itself!

A grey and white rendering of Sadie by the incredibly talented LM. Sadie is standing with a soft smile on her face, muscular arms crossed over her chest as she expands her elaborate, midnight-speckled, beautifully-veined wings. Her simple white tunic is crossed by a belt at her hips, from which her axe hangs loosely. LM credits frozenstocks over on deviantart with the inspiration for the wing-pattern, here --

An incredibly detailed grey and white drawing of Jorbam, proud and tall, all her roots weaving together like an elaborate rope to form her branchless trunk, effortlessly blooming into a wide canopy topped with spiney leaves. By LM.

With an enigmatic smile on her face, Zaylam walks on all fours with her wings extended above her body, her furry underbelly and strong, curvy tail drawing the eye just as Zaylam would want them to. Her eyes are big and bright, and the gentle spikes crowning her head match the small spikes that line her spine (fading smaller and smaller as they approach her tail). By LM.

Zaylam, sleeping, curled up into her own body, tail wrapped protectively but loosely next to her body in front of her furry underbelly, wings sleepily folded on top of her resting body. She looks as tiny as she is, compared to the other, older dragons in Lunav (and she looks absolutely adorable). By LM.

A grey and white rendering of Lerian, featured with a subtle smile on her face. Her straight hair is loose and hanging down to her back, and while one of her hands rests at her side, her other reaches into the simple satchel slung over of chest. Her hind legs (she's a centaur) are muscular and her tail rests calmly as she stands still, possibly deep in thought. By LM.

Osley the rabbit, head turned to look directly at the viewer. Que is alert and quer long ears are standing straight up. Quer hind legs are ready to leap if que wants to, and que is very round and delightfully furry. By LM.

I am so grateful to and in awe of the different (all gorgeous) interpretations of these characters that are starting to pop up, and it is absolutely my honor to feature this work here. I can't wait to see more from you all: you humble me and honor me with your incredible creations. 

Keep making your beautiful art, everyone -- and feel free to send them to me here or over on my tumblr!

An extra-special thank you to LM for the stunning, detailed drawings featured above!

(And, my darling LM: stay tuned! More character descriptions -- especially for Evelyn!!! -- are to come!)

The Importance of Your Art

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't believe that being a published author/illustrator is what makes you a "real" artist.

You're a real artist because you create art.


And I want to foster a community that promotes that kind of creation.

With that in mind, I've already started designing this site with fan art from some wonderful artists I've met through Tumblr. On my About page, you'll already find beautiful art from a fantastic young artist, perhaps like you!

Once Lunav is released -- April 2, 2018, yall! Get excited, and sign up here to be the first to be able to pre-order! -- I will be more than happy to cross-post/feature fan fiction or fan art you feel inspired to create based on the world of Lunav and its people. 

Even before it's released, if you want to sketch characters based on the updates you find here, feel free! 

You can make me aware of your art through my tumblr, through comments on posts like this, through the contact page on this site. (Tumblr might be easiest, though, if you've got one!)

I'm excited to see what you create!