San Diego Comic Con Tho!!

So the last few months — frak, the last year — have been wild. But things are both speeding up and (finally) slowing down. And this we-can-finally-exhale-a-little-bit is starting — as things do — with San Diego Comic Con.

I’ve never even been to the darn Con, but I get to be on a panel — and (because I’m going to be on the panel with awesome people) — it’s going to be too cool.

It’s one of the panels that Temple of Geek is stoked about, and I’m super stoked about it, too. Tbh, largely because it will allow C.B. Lee and I to make so. many. jokes. about how there was only one bed and they were roommates. (And folks seriously, read everything this woman has ever written she’s brilliant and you can find her incredible and incredibly queer superhero series here.)

Appropriately, the panel is Tropetastic: How to Write and Subvert Tropes (details here).

Saturday, July 20th (where did July go??)

7:00pm – 8:00pm Room 11

From tired to wired, problematic to plucky, tropes have always existed in character arcs, plot devices, and even character types. Panelists Ray Utarnachitt (Legends of Tomorrow), Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex), Jeane Wong (Arrow), Nilah Magruder (Marvel Rising), Jenn Polish (Lunav), and Valerie Complex (Black Girl Nerds) will discuss how to use and develop tropes in writing, from subverting harmful tropes in nuanced ways to using clichéd tropes with a refreshing new voice. Moderated by C. B. Lee (Sidekick Squad series).

And we’re doing a signing at the Sails Pavilion Autograph Area AA09 from 6pm-7pm the same day!

So. If you’re Comic Conning, see you there!