Fly into a lesbian enemies-to-lovers adventure

in a world where dragon eggs grow on trees and Dreams are real.


Welcome to the world of LUNAV, released by NineStar Press in 2018. 

On this site, you'll be able to leap into the pages of my debut novel, Lunav — into a world of dragon eggs that grow on trees; a world where genderqueer rabbits and boyish half-faeries can be best friends; a world where plague and politics threaten a half-faerie teenager's growing, guilt-ridden desire for the human girl sent to eradicate Dreamers like her.

And also. My trans & nonbinary scifi Peter Pan retelling is now available in Spanish! So there’s that.


About Me, And You

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My debut novel Lunav is a lesbian fairy tale set in a land of faeries, genderqueer rabbits, dragons that grow on trees, and an oppressive human government. When Sadie -- a brash, fly-before-thinking, boyish, half-faerie spy against the humans -- falls for a human girl, she needs to choose between family and romance, instinct and ethics, love and rebellion.